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Androfill offers the lowest price for penis enlargement surgery and injections in the UK


  • Surgeon owned clinic – come directly to the doctors, no middlemen or clinics who take a commission.
  • Very little advertising spend, most of our patients find us by word of mouth.
  • What we don’t spend on advertising and clinic commissions, we pass on in lower prices and better aftercare.
  • 24/7 ability to contact your patient coordinator or surgeon after your procedure.
  • At home nurse and doctor visits during your recovery from surgery.
  • Use of the finest surgical theatres in the UK, including Harley Heath Village and Queen Anne Street Medical Centre.



Non-Surgical Options


Hyaluronic Acid Filler

First procedure price from £350 for a  1 ml test procedure.

( Try 1 ml of filler to see how the procedure works )


Pricing for Voluma filler from Allergan

Box of Voluma

Full Procedure Prices

Mini Procedure 1 ml
A test procedure of 1 ml.
Enables the patient to try a small 1 ml procedure.
8 ml
8 ml of VOLUMA

10 ml
10 ml VOLUMA
Lowest UK price guaranteed.
15 ml
15 ml VOLUMA
Lowest UK price guaranteed.

20 ml
20 ml VOLUMA
Lowest UK price guaranteed.
30 ml
30 ml VOLUMA
Lowest UK price guaranteed.




“If you’re unsure of which filler you are getting, ask the doctor to see the box.”

“The type of filler used is important to the outcome of the procedure.”



Ultra Deep


Box of Ultra Deep Filler


Androfill introduces an alternative filler with characteristics similar to Voluma.

– A little extra durability (estimated 2 months added duration over Voluma) * Individual results may vary.

– Patient feedback: marginally firmer than Voluma, no significant difference in the final result.

– Additional pressure required during the moulding process.

1.2 ml syringes, priced on a 1 ml basis ( 0.2 ml per syringe included at no cost ).

Pricing : As for Voluma + £20 per ml.



Surgical Options

Length + Girth
£ Enquire
Penis Lengthening and Girth Surgery
PREMIUM Fat Transfer - PureGraft™
Price Match + Cash Back - Enquire
UK Clinics Only
Fat Transfer - Girth Only
£ Enquire
PREMIUM Fat Transfer using Double PureGraft™
Price Match + Cash Back - Enquire
UK Clinics Only



Androfill Availability

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How to be 100% certain which filler you are getting




Non-surgical – Maintaining Penis Girth



To maintain the increased penis girth visits to the clinic will be needed every 1 – 2 years.


We aim to make this cost effective with the most competitive pricing and a referral scheme (see details below).


The cost of subsequent top up procedures is at the lower price of £265 per 1 ml syringe (Voluma).


Depending on the type of filler used, after 12 – 24 months, up to half the filler will remain from the first procedure.  This means that less filler is usually required on the second visit.


Calculation example : girth maintenance after 18 months : 6 syringes of filler needed to maintain penis girth = ( £265 x 6 ) = £1,590.


* Individual results may vary.




Permanent size increase – Neocollagenesis



Medical studies suggest that HA fillers stimulate the production of new collagen.

Any permanent girth gain caused by new collagen will slightly lower the amount of filler required in subsequent procedures.

We are not able to reliably predict the exact amount of new permanent penis girth gain stimulated by the procedure.

More Information

* Individual results may vary.




Referral scheme



Optional :

Patients who wish to refer others for the procedure receive a referral credit of 3 ml (3 syringes) of Voluma, worth £795 (valued at top-up prices).


*The referred patient must name the referrer before the procedure, and in turn will also receive £50 off their total procedure price.



Filler Credits


Optional : Patients receive 1 ml of filler credit for every 10 ml purchased.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Minimum of 5 ml redemption (for example 2 ml credit + 3 ml paid).

Redeemable at a subsequent visit to the clinic.

Credit must be redeemed within 5 years.


Collect the barcode from your box of filler.

Barcode from Juvederm Voluma Filler









Payment is via Debit or Credit Card (Amex, Visa, MasterCard).

Payment may be taken across multiple cards.

Request a discrete invoice if necessary.

Customers paying in cash may receive a small discount.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions




Penis Enlargement Price InformationPenis Enlargement Price Information