Compilation of Penis Lengthening Surgery

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Procedure:  Penis Lengthening Surgery

( Ligamentolysis or “Lig Cut” )


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Will Penis Lengthening Surgery make my erect penis longer?


Short Answer: No, it won’t.



Explanation :

Penis lengthening surgery involves cutting the ligaments that pull your penis back inside the body after you lose an erection. If you cut these ligaments, then there is nothing to pull your penis back inside once you go soft.

You will always hang out at nearly your full erect length, whether you are hard or soft.

Because the penis shaft hasn’t been made any longer (highlighted in yellow above), you will not gain any real erect length.

You will be told to wear a penis extender after lengthening surgery, for 1 year.

The wearing of the extender is the reason for any minor increase in erect length observed by the patient.

“Just buy a penis extender and wear that instead, if you are after erect length.”


Zero increase in erect penis length.


British Journal of Urology Link


Link to British Journal of Urology Article



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Will I be left with any scar after penis length surgery?


Short Answer: Yes, a V, Y or Z-shaped scar.


This is what the scarring looks like (UK and EU clinic photos 2011-2017).


UK Penis Lengthening Surgery in 2016.  BBC Television

BBC The Penis Extension Clinic 3

BBC The Penis Extension Clinic 4

Germany – Penile Lengthening 2016

Germany – Penile Lengthening 2016

Penis Lengthening Surgery



Explanation :

If you are in a long-term relationship, and your partner knows about your penis lengthening surgery, then scarring may not cause you any embarrassment.

If you are a young man and expect to have numerous sexual partners during your lifetime, then ask yourself whether you will feel comfortable explaining away the scars under your pubic hair; in the shape of the letters V, Y, Z.

A scar will need to be made to cut the ligaments. It won’t be fully hidden by your pubic hair.


A caller to the Androfill Clinic:

“When she saw the scar from my lengthening surgery, she asked me what it was about, and whether I’d had gender reassignment surgery or something.”


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Androfill’s HA Injection Solution


Reversible dermal fillers are the only sane approach to penis enlargement.



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What is the most common complication of penis lengthening surgery?


Short Answer: Penile shortening is the most common complication.



Explanation : 

If you don’t wear a penile extender after penile lengthening surgery, the ligaments are likely to reattach to the penis shaft, further down towards the head, making your penis shorter than before surgery.

Surgeons have tried to prevent penile shortening and reattachment by inserting plastic or Gore-tex into the gap between the penile base and the pubis, with varying levels of success.




Before having penis lengthening surgery, first buy a penis extender, to make 100% sure you can wear it for 8-10 hours per day, as part of your normal everyday routine.   You’ll need to wear one after lengthening surgery.

Example of an Extender


“Penile shortening is a major complication of penile lengthening surgery, usually resulting from the freely hanging penis reattaching to the pubic bone located higher on the corporal bodies.  The likelihood of this complication can be minimised by the placement of surrounding soft tissues, fat tissues, silicone, polytetrafluoroethylene, Gore-Tex, and other artificial materials.”

Nam Cheol Park, Kim, Moon, Penile Augmentation 2016.



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What is the satisfaction rate with Penis Lengthening Surgery?

Short Answer: 35%


NHS referenced study.

“The procedure led to an average increase of 1.3 cm in flaccid penis length.

However, only 35% of men who had the operation were happy with the results.”

Source: NHS referenced study 2006.

The AUA considers the division of the suspensory ligament of the penis for increasing penile length in adults to be a procedure which has not been shown to be safe or effective.

Board of Directors, October 2013 (Reaffirmed)


Most men ‘unhappy with penis ops’.

The majority of men who have penis enlargements end up dissatisfied with the results.

Research should be directed toward non-surgical options
Yoram Vardi, of the Rambam Medical Centre in Israel




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Penis Lengthening Surgery


Zero increase in erect length


Shorten or damage the penis

Lower angle of erection

35% success rate


Should I go for Penis Lengthening Surgery?


    • If you understand the risks, and limitations of the procedure.

    • Lengthening surgery is sometimes sold in a way that makes it seem like it’s no big deal when it is a reasonably invasive approach.

    • The most common explanation: The patient wanted additional length, to feel more confident changing in front of other people at the gym, and did not mind the scarring or loss of erection angle.


NHS Logo


The angle of your erection will change after penis lengthening surgery, it will point downwards to the floor when fully erect, rather than rise up towards your stomach.  The ability of ligaments to lift your penis is reduced after surgery.


Sexual Advice Association


“A lot of men who have this treatment don’t truly appreciate this loss of angle,” says Professor Wylie (UK NHS).

“It can make sex quite uncomfortable. You’ve got to do a lot more manoeuvring with your partner.

The advantage of a 2 cm gain in flaccid length, is far outweighed by the loss of angle of erection.”



The 3 methods to increase your erect penis length are:


Method 1. Wear a Penis Extender for a very long time, there is some evidence that you will gain length.


Method 2. Liposuction of the fat below the abdominal region.


Fat Pad Reduction


For men with a large stomach, liposuction to remove fat below the abdomen (area highlighted below in blue) can make the penis protrude further out from the body, making it appear longer.

The stomach can be so large as to partially bury the penis.  

Patient’s who are obese may find that a lot of their penis is hidden away under excess fat. 

This fat can be removed by the surgeon to bring more of the penis out.


Area of the penis to be liposuctioned to improve length


Method 3 – True Erect Length: Penile Disassembly and Reconstruction 


Fillers such as Voluma can add weight to the penis, increasing the flaccid length of the penis. 

You will need 10 ml or more, in most cases, to notice any additional length when soft.

The outcome is similar to that achieved by lengthening surgery (extra flaccid length), with the benefit of thickening the penis and avoiding surgery.



To consider:


Being embarrassed about your flaccid penis length, “the locker room syndrome”, might not be a good enough reason to undergo a risky surgical procedure, which leaves scarring, and can shorten the penis.

Plenty of guys change with a towel around their waist at the gym; it’s nobody’s business if you are a grower or a shower.


While surgery can’t make the erect penis longer, the good news (for straight guys), is that the area of a woman’s vagina which has the most sensitivity, is quite shallow, near the entrance of the vagina to around 3 inches inside.  Almost all penises are easily long enough to touch the pleasurable shallow areas of the vagina.

Do some more of your own research before undergoing penis lengthening surgery.

If you are still determined to go ahead with it, we can complete the procedure for £4,000 at our Harley Street surgery.


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