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Androfill penis enlargement injections using Hyaluronic acid filler allow patients to safely and effectively increase the girth of the penis, with very little downtime.

The process can also increase the flaccid length of the penis, as the weight of the filler and a ‘scaffolding effect’ reduce penile retraction following an erection.


Hyaluronic acid is a safe product that has been used in the face (lips, cheeks), and body for over 20 years.

The body produces its own Hyaluronic acid which resides in the spaces between the skin cells, where it contributes to the plumpness, and firmness of the skin.


The procedure takes less than 30 minutes and is performed by a GMC registered penoplasty surgeon.


The simplicity of the procedure opens up penis enlargement to a range of men who would not previously have considered it, or are put off by the idea of surgery.

Consultations with the doctor are available in Harley Street, London.


Short clip of a small Androfill procedure (6 ml of filler) on a patient with only topical anaesthetic (the patient is awake and feels no pain).

* Individual results may vary from person to person.




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The penis is thickened by injection of a VOLUMA branded filler formed of Hyaluronic acid. The procedure provides instant penis girth, with little to no pain.

Being naturally produced by the body, side effects are very rare, and the procedure is fully reversible by dissolving the filler into water, in the unlikely event the patient wishes to revert back to their pre-treatment penis size.


Hyaluronic acid-based penis injections have been used safely for over a decade, mainly to fill in facial wrinkles and increase the volume of the lips.  The latest generation of fillers are used in non-surgical nose jobs and chin augmentations.

Androfill provides the least invasive medical alternative to traditional penis surgery.


This approach was originally invented in South Korea in 2004, and has been used in the United States since 2012, Australia since 2015, and has been available in the UK from Androfill since 2015.



There are three steps:


1.  A 30-minute consultation with our GMC registered plastic surgeon at our Harley Street, London address.


2.  If the patient wishes to proceed, a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the penis and the filler is injected.

– With Hyaluronic acid penis enlargement, the penis is instantly thicker.


3.  Abstain from sex and heavy lifting for 1 week.



Penis Enlargement Injections Before and After

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The patient can have the consultation and the procedure completed within an hour, including the 30 minute consultation time.

A full description of the procedure is available here.

Patient-doctor confidentiality is strictly adhered to.

Due to the quick recovery time, it is your choice whether you wish to inform your partner about the treatment.


Cannula versus Needle


At Androfill we use either a blunt tip micro-cannula, or, a micro injection needle using the 27g needle supplied in the original by the filler manufacturer.



Image of a micro Cannula



Micro Injection Needle


There are advantages and disadvantages to using both.


At Androfill the penis is injected in the flaccid state only.

Injecting the penis with a medically induced erection (using Prostaglandin) is more likely to cause damage to the engorged penis, and produces inferior results as filler clumps together when the erection is subsequently lost “accordion effect”.


“Only inject filler when the penis is flaccid


The results from the Androfill technique can be seen in our Before and After page.





The philosophy behind Androfill


Put simply; more often than not, men would like to have a larger penis.

The results of a recent YouGov poll have been interpreted as follows: “In Britain, being unhappy with your penis size is now the default situation for young men: more 18-to-24-year-old British men say they would like their penis to be larger (42%).”


As increasing penis thickness has become a safe and simple procedure, there is no reason not to make this procedure more readily available to men.


Aside from making men happier about their penis size, by offering this procedure, we hope to prevent:

  • Unnecessary penopasty surgery. Read the NHS position on penoplasty here
  • Risk and costs involved in the consumption of penis enlargement pills
  • Wasted time, cost, and effort involved in the use of penis traction devices, and penis exercise regimes.


Androfill Hyaluronic acid penis enlargement provides:

  • Self-confidence, particularly for men with small or thin penises, but also to normally sized men, who simply wish to be a little thicker below
  • For many, an improvement in the quality of relationships, including the quality of  sex, in some cases
  • A simple ego boost
  • Relief from the anxiety felt by many males, due to their penis size.


The desire for men to want a larger penis is not dissimilar from the desire for a larger body, which drives bodybuilders to bulk up at the gym. Unlike the hours spent at the gym, the addition of the filler makes the penis immediately thicker.


Please see details of the procedure here


Medical studies on this approach and are available here


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We use the safest and most effective approach to increasing penis girth.

The next step is to book a consultation with the doctor to discuss whether Androfill is something you could benefit from.


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