Penis Enlargement Injections

Androfill is a procedure to increase the erect and flaccid girth (thickness) of the penis, and the flaccid length of the penis without surgery

The procedure uses Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers: It is one of the most popular procedures in male patients.

A patient, who has realistic expectations, and wants to gain more self-confidence may be suitable for this procedure.

If you are considering having this treatment, you need to know a few things about it.

What happens during the initial consultation?

  • You will meet your doctor and will tell him exactly what you seek, why you want it, and for how long.
  • You will be asked to give information about your previous operations (cosmetic and non-cosmetic), your health condition, your current medications, your allergies to medications, and if you are a smoker.
  • You will be asked to say what you think is wrong with the size of your penis, and if it interferes with your sex life.
  • Your surgeon will examine you and will take some measurements.

Then, the whole procedure will be explained to you in detail, including:

– the type of anaesthesia (local anaesthetic injections, and topical anaesthetic (Lidocaine numbing cream).

You will be given some numbing cream to be applied at least 10 minutes before the actual treatment.

The filler is also mixed with a local anaesthetic to reduce pain.

– the type of hyaluronic acid you need will be discussed, ask for information on the dirrent types of filler,

– the number of syringes per session,

– the possible increase in size you could achieve, which varies from patient to patient for a given amount of filler (patients with a longer penis will require more filler to achieve the same increase in girth that a patient with a shorter length penis requires).

– how long the filler will last: depending on the filler used, usually between 12 months and up to 18 months.

– In rare cases, the filler can be reabsorbed in a matter of months, however, this is unusual and is not the most likely outcome.

– how much time the treatment takes: generally 30 mins.

You can go home immediately after the treatment.

* Individual results may vary from person to person.

Filler metabolism (reabsorption) speed is impossible to predict and varies from person to person.

Generally, after 12 to 18 months some of the filler will remain, and some will have been metabolised (absorbed) by the body. In exceptional circumstances, the body can metabolise filler at a rapid rate, meaning the filler is reabsorbed in a matter of months, although this is highly unlikely it remains a risk. There is no refund should this occur, it is a risk you accept when you choose to have this procedure.

In exceptional circumstances, the body can metabolise filler at a rapid rate, meaning the filler is reabsorbed in a matter of months. Although this is highly unlikely, it is a risk.

There is no refund should rapid filler metabolism occur, however this is rare (1 in 1,000). Although unlikely, this is a risk you accept when you choose to have this procedure.

If you are having this procedure, you should not have false expectations about what it can achieve.

You can not greatly increase the size of the penis if you are having only a small amount of filler injected.

To get a large increase in penis size, you will need a large amount of filler injected.

You can refer to the Before and After section of the website for a guide to the size increase possible with this procedure.

You may also refer to the Estimate Size Gain section of the website.

What happens when you decide to go ahead with your treatment?

You can have a second consultation to make sure you understand everything.

If you already have all the information you need, you can have the injection after the first consultation, on the same day.

The doctor will ask you to sign a consent form, where all the possible risks are mentioned, and some photographs will be taken of the region to be treated.

What happens after the injection?

– Back home, you are supposed to take it easy.

– You are not supposed to have sex for 14 days (to avoid infection, and to allow the filler to set).

– You can shower the next day

– You will be told to take some antibiotics for 5 days, to reduce the risk of infection.

The penis will be swollen for up to 14 days (sometimes up to 1 month if you have had a lot of filler).

You should mould the filler (preferably when erect), starting on the day following the procedure, to make sure it is spread in an even way, especially in the erect state.

Massage the filler morning and evening for 5 days, when erect.

It is easier to see whether filler is evenly distributed when you are erect. It is also easier to mould the filler when you are erect.

Small lumps (peppercorn size) in the first few day following the procedure are not a concern, they will usually diffuse (melt out) on their own.

Larger lumps are unlikely, however, should they occur, the filler is able to be moulded during the first 3 to 5 days following the procedure.

To do this, press firmly into the filler, ideally when erect, and smooth it along the shaft.

If in doubt, please call the clinic..

After a few months, the hyaluronic acid will begin to be metabolised and reabsorbed.

The filler is being metabolised in most cases a little each month, so that in most cases by 12-18 months you will need a top-up procedure to replaced the filler that has been reabsorbed.

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* Individual results may vary from person to person.

Whenever you want a top-up, or more filler, all you have to do is call the office to book an appointment for more injections.

What are the specific risks of this injection?

There are very few risks: allergies (very rare)

Swelling (14 days, but can be longer if a large amount of filler is injected)

Bruising (to 7 days)

Numbness (1 day)

Irregularities (that may require more filler (or filler to be dissolved in some areas) if the moulding instructions were not correctly followed).

Life expectancy of the filler:

most commonly between 12 and 18 months (sometimes it will last longer, sometimes it will last less time), depending on the type of filler used and depending on individual factors specific to the patient.

In rare cases, the filler can be metabolised in a matter of months, although this is not a likely outcome.

* Individual results may vary from person to person.

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You should not have sex for 14 days following the procedure.

You cannot go to the gym or do heavy lifting for 7 days.

Limits of the operation :

  • There is a limit of the volume of filler injectable during the same session.
  • Unrealistic expectations (a small amount of filler will not dramatically increase the penis size. If you want a larger increase in penis size, you must purchase more filler).

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask your surgeon, who will be pleased to see you again during a second consultation.



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