Filming a small enlargement procedure of 6 ml on an above-average length penis.


The procedure itself is completed in just over 5 minutes, incision holes have closed by the time the patient has left the surgery.

The procedure is painless, due to the use of EMLA or LMX4 topical anaesthetic numbing cream, and anaesthetic contained within the filler (Lidocaine).

Non-invasive, instant results. By watching the film you can tell that this patient feels no pain.

Girth gain 1 cm circumference / ~10%    * Individual results may vary from person to person.

Product used: Voluma 6 x 1 ml




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With the use of a cannula, only one injection needs to be made, covering the entire procedure.

Videos of Penis Enlargement - Cannula



Original Draft Concept Animations.


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