After the first injection, the patient will notice a significant increase in penis girth as most of the fat cells will still be intact.

The initial size will be enhanced somewhat by swelling, usually mild. The final result will depend on the amount of transferred fat that survives and the overall amount and distribution of fat necrosis (fall cells that do not survive), together with the extent of fibrosis and scarring which is usually minimal.

Fat is usually described as having a fat-like, or slightly softer feel to it, with a marshmallow-like consistency, generally having the same texture as fat in the stomach.

The texture does improve somewhat in the erect state, as the fat is compressed a little between the penile tissue and the skin.

Photo of Fat for Penis Fat Transfer

Necrotic fat cells (fat cells which did not survive) can clump together to form had nodules in the penis. This is usually addressed by the injection of steriods (Kenalog 10) at the clinic for a number of months to try to break up the hard lumps.

Kenalog 10 Injections