Experience a Thicker Penis


Experience the additional thickness provided by a small amount of Hyaluronic Acid filler.

Avoid a large commitment of financial resources, recovery time, and the risk of surgical complications.


We advise all patients approaching us for penis enlargement surgery, to try a non-surgical reversible filler.

The results of the non-surgical approach are equal to or better than the surgical approaches in most cases.

We expect patients to return for more filler after their experience, avoiding the need to take an expensive, higher risk surgical path.


Hyaluronic Acid Penis Enlargement


The price for a 1ml procedure is £350, an appointment and consultation is required, which costs a further £20.

The procedure is instantly reversible, at no cost, if for any reason you aren’t wanting more.


This is a great way to try the safest and most effective method of penis enlargement available.


HA filler is generally superior – functionally and aesthetically – to surgical treatments, including fat transfer.

However, if you do still wish to proceed with a surgical approach, after trying the non-surgical approach, our surgeons will be happy to explain the various options.

Simply dissolve the filler, and proceed with Fat Transfer and/or Ligamentolysis.



Mini Procedure FAQs


How long will it take?

The consultation takes up to 30 minutes, and the filler treatment takes around 5 minutes.


How much bigger will I be after 1 ml? 

The volume of the penis will increase by the volume of filler injected, per photo below.

The amount of filler is approximately 1/2 that of a BIC pen.


Hyaluronic Acid Filler for Penis Enlargement Androfill


The 1 ml option enables patients to try the procedure, and experience a little extra thickness.

For a full procedure, 8 ml or 10 ml is necessary, or, in the case of a very long penis 15 ml.

* Individual results may vary from patient to patient.


Androfill Availability

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How long is the recovery period – would my wife or partner notice?

Mild bruising and swelling around the injection site is possible, and will usually have disappeared 3 – 7 days after the procedure.

Many patients do not inform their partners of their enhancement.

For a complete list of frequently asked questions, see our FAQ page.


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