Become an Androfill Provider

On-site training at Androfill London, UK

Plastic Surgeon Dr Gary Horn

Train on-site with Dr Gary Horn at the Androfill Clinic in London UK.

Day 1

Dr Gary Horn

Introduction to penis enlargement

  • Indications and Advantages
  • Comparison of non-surgical and surgical penile enlargement methods
  • Risk and limitations of dermal filler penile enlargement
  • Rheological properties of hyaluronic acid fillers (selecting the correct filler for the specific area and particular patient)
  • Integration and degradation of HA in the penis
  • Anatomy of the penis
  • Patient selection
  • Injection technique
  • Necessary equipment
  • Treating complications
  • Reversing the procedure – Hyalase enzyme
  • Aftercare and the filler moulding process
  • Consent forms.

Clinic Manager

  • Patient acquisition (organic and paid traffic, referrals, socials)
  • Answering the most common patient queries
  • Calculating the net present value of a patient (repeat revenue)
  • Financial metrics, profit margins
  • Compliance, insurance, consent forms, aftercare instructions and online patient resources, legal.

Days 2 and 3

Dr Gary Horn

In-clinic training

During days 2 and 3, you will be trained on-site by Dr Horn

  • Sit in during new and returning patient consultations
  • New patients consultations generally take 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Returning patients (additional filler, correcting minor issues with filler distribution)


The number of patient consultations and procedures cannot be guaranteed; however, we expect to perform at least 3 new patient consultations, 3 new patient treatments and 2 returning patient treatments per day.

Trainees will not be allowed to perform procedures unless they are properly insured, approved by the UK General Medical Council, and hold admission rights at the private hospital. In most cases, this will mean the trainee is viewing procedures and not performing any aspect of the procedure.

Ongoing reasonable support will be provided by either Dr Horn or the Clinic Manager for a period of 2 months following training.

Additional support will be provided on an ongoing basis for practitioners who become Androfill providers.

Price £18,500 (approx US$25,000).

For more information contact

Remote training – Online course

Dr Ingrid Tall (MBBS, dip COMN, FRACGP, FCPCA)

Dr Tall is a registered Medical Doctor in Australia. Dr Tall was previously the President of the Queensland Australian Medical Medical Association.

Dr Tall has produced an online training program allowing practitioners to gain the knowledge necessary to perform penile enlargement procedures with dermal fillers. Dr Tall has treated over 500 patients since she began performing this procedure in 2017.  

Online Course – Table of Contents

Section from Training Video

Sample Slides

Dr Tall’s remote training programs provides over 3 hours of instruction with over 300 slides and 90 minutes of video including demonstration of the completed procedure on a patient.

The program aims to bring a competent cosmetic injector up to the knowledge and skill level required to perform dermal filler procedures on the penis.

Practitioners completing the intensive online program are awarded a Certificate of Completion and are eligible to join the Androfill network.

Price AU$6,000 (approx. US$4,500).

For more information contact


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