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Dermal filler penile augmentation has experienced explosive growth in the past 5 years with the popularisation of safe and reliable Hyaluronic acid based procedures to thicken the erect and flaccid penis and increase the flaccid penis length.

Androfill is an established brand in this new market with over 12,000 penis filler procedures performed worldwide since the firm was established in 2015.

Growth has recently become exponential in Androfill’s home market of the U.K. and to cater for growing global demand we have established the Androfill Training Academy to train practitioners to the level required in order to perform their first dermal filler penile augmentation procedure.

Training is undertaken either online through the training program developed by Androfill Australia’s director Dr Ingrid Tall, or in-person with Dr Gary Horn in London during which you will have the opportunity to observe several live dermal filler penile augmentation procedures.

Once you have gained your certificate of completion, you will be eligible to join Androfill’s marketing and patient referral program, the details of which are discussed below.

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Remote training – Online course

Dr Ingrid Tall (MBBS, dip COMN, FRACGP, FCPCA)

Dr Tall is a registered Medical Doctor in Australia. Dr Tall was previously the President of the Queensland Australian Medical Medical Association.

Dr Tall has produced an online training program allowing practitioners to gain the knowledge necessary to perform penile enlargement procedures with dermal fillers. Dr Tall has treated over 500 patients since she began performing this procedure in 2017.  

Online Course – Table of Contents

Section from Training Video

Sample Slides

Dr Tall’s remote training programs provides over 3 hours of instruction with over 300 slides and 90 minutes of video including demonstration of the completed procedure on a patient.

The program aims to bring a competent cosmetic injector up to the knowledge and skill level required to perform dermal filler procedures on the penis.

Practitioners completing the intensive online program are awarded a Certificate of Completion and are eligible to join the Androfill network.

Price AU$6,000 (approx. US$4,500).

For more information contact

Online Course – Table of Contents

Introduction to penis enlargement

  • Indications and Advantages
  • Comparison of non-surgical and surgical penile enlargement methods
  • Risk and limitations of dermal filler penile enlargement
  • Rheological properties of hyaluronic acid fillers (selecting the correct filler for the specific area and particular patient)
  • Integration and degradation of HA in the penis
  • Anatomy of the penis
  • Patient selection
  • Injection technique
  • Necessary equipment
  • Treating complications
  • Reversing the procedure – Hyaluronidase enzyme
  • Aftercare and the filler moulding process
  • Consent forms.

Clinic Manager

  • Patient acquisition (organic and paid traffic, referrals, socials)
  • Answering the most common patient queries
  • Calculating the net present value of a patient (repeat revenue)
  • Financial metrics, profit margins

Compliance, insurance, consent forms, aftercare instructions and online patient resources, legal.


Peta Autengruber RN

I was excited to have the opportunity to be mentored and supported by Dr Ingrid Tall in adding this service to my portfolio.

Finally something for the men!

It’s been quite a journey, meeting all walks of life and understanding the varied “why” the procedure is something that these guys are seeking. Other than the obvious increase in size, its been self esteem building and about partner satisfaction.

Dr Ingrid Tall is amazing to work with, being extremely knowledgeable, she has a warmth in her nature that makes everyone feel at ease. She is very accessible and supportive for both the injector and client.

Client and partner feedback has been very positive, I have treated 10 clients with 3 returning for further filler.

The procedure is lengthy but well rewarded financially.  8/10 of my clients have had 20 mls of dermal filler at the first visit, 2/10 have had 15 mls. So simple maths can establish the financial return.

If you are considering joining the team I would highly recommend Dr Tall and the Androfill platform.


Peta Autengruber RN

Advanced Cosmetic Injector

RN: NMW0001359937

460 Grange Road, Fulham Gardens, SA 5024

0061 0413 128 500 /


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