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Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery including penis lengthening (ligamentolysis), fat transfer, and penis enlargement injections.

Experienced UK GMC registered penoplasty surgeon with a specialisation in penis enlargement surgery.

Consultations are available in Harley Street, London and other UK locations by appointment.

Penis Enlargement Injections

Treatment for increasing the girth of the penis without invasive surgery, achieved through the use of Hyaluronic acid penis filler injections. A safer alternative to traditional penoplasty; with minimal downtime and risk.

Higher rate of patient satisfaction and superior results to surgery (fat transfer), particularly with respect to texture (how it feels), the avoidance of lumps, and predictability in reabsorption profile vs fat.

Safe, Effective Enlargement

The penis enlargement injection procedure typically takes less than 30 minutes on a walk in – walk out basis.

New procedure replacing unnecessary penis enlargement surgery (traditionally a transfer of fat); and ineffective extenders, enlargement pills, penis exercises, and other methods that have unproven or low success rates.

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Penis Enlargement Surgery Options




Penis Enlargement Injection

(Dermal Fillers)

From £2,850

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A Thicker Penis

Penile Circumference

1 inch gain in penis girth is typical.

A 2-inch increase is possible, with a large number of filler injections.

(More filler results in more girth).

 Increase in flaccid penis length due to the filler weight, and a scaffolding effect.

(Filler creates resistance against penis retraction following an erection).


Firmness of the Filler

A choice between normal erection firmness, to slightly harder than normal.

Filler options are firmer than natural fat (used in the fat transfer approach).

Preference is discussed with the surgeon during your consultation.


Full recovery in 7 days.

Recovery Time Penis Enlargement Surgery

The procedure typically takes 15-30 minutes.

Walk in – walk out.



Hyaluronic Acid

Up to 50% of filler remains at 2 years with Genuine Voluma.

Manufacturer claim:

” When treated again after 2 years, patients needed less product to achieve their original results. 

Manufacturer link

12 months + with Ultra 4

” When treated again after 1 year, patients needed less product to achieve their original results. 

*Individual results may vary among patients.

Manufacturer link


Neocollagenesis + Fibrogenesis


Stimulation of natural collagen production providing new penile tissue.

Estimated at less than 5%, per procedure.


Low Risk (Non-invasive) 

Lower risk method to replaces traditional penis enlargement surgery.

90% of penis enlargement procedures in South Korea and Japan.


Most common complications:

– Swelling, which can last up to 1 month.

– Bruising, usually gone within 7 days.

– Filler migration. Rarely, a small spot of filler may detach in the first week, migrating to the foreskin region behind the glans.

 Mould the detached filler back into place, or, as a last resort spot dissolve the migrated filler with Hyaluronidase.

(Filler can easily be dissolved away into water + carbon if ever needed).

– Uneven distribution of filler.

The filler can be shaped and moulded during the first week.


Walk in – walk out procedure.

Typically completed in 30 minutes.

Walk or drive home unaided.

No surgery or hospital visit or pre-tests required.


Filler dissolves instantly if required for any reason.

Injection of Hyaluronidase Enzyme.

Fee: No fee if ever necessary.

Hyaluronidase External Link

Hyaluronidase External Link


A high rate of patient satisfaction, directly following the procedure, and at 12 and 24-month check-ups.

Higher word-of-mouth referral rate.

Rare, if any dissatisfied patients.

Unrealistic expectations are possible

(patients expecting exceptional size gains from a very small amount of filler / 1-3ml).


From £415 for 1ml

(Enables the patient to try out the procedure).

Price List


Full Procedure

£2,850 for an 8ml treatment of Juvederm Voluma.




Fat Transfer Penis Enlargement

(Fat Liposuction and Transfer)

From £5,450 Puregraft

More Information


A Thicker Penis

Penile Circumference

Roughly 1 inch gain in circumference.

(Fat transfer using the Puregraft™ filtration system to increase fat survival rate).

Two Surgical Procedures

Liposuction from the fat donor sites and fat transfer to the penile shaft area.

Androfill surgeons have completed over 2,000 girth procedures.

Fat survival depends on the surgeon’s skill, your natural healing, and the filtration method used.

Possible to use P.R.P.and other growth factors.


Recovery in 6 weeks.


Recovery Time Calendar

Abstain from normal activities including sex.

Hospital admission required.


Typically 30 – 70% of the fat transferred will survive permanently.

Fat survival rate increases somewhat depending on the filtration and injection techniques practised by the clinic.

Further top-ups’ may be undertaken at a later date, should the patient opt for further increases.

Puregraft Penile Fat Transfer Surgery

Patient-specific recovery factors do play a part in determining fat survival rates (the patient’s ability to form new blood supply lines to the transplanted fat in order to ensure permanent fat).

Factors can include the patient’s overall health (smoker/non-smoker), and adherence to post-operative recovery requirements.

During the recovery period, patients much abstain from sex.


Higher Risk Penile Surgery

General anaesthetic and hospital stay required.

6 weeks recovery.

Blood tests: MRSA, red blood cell etc.

Most common complications:

Texture dissatisfaction. Feeling that the fat is soft (fatty feeling) / or hard (calcified) in places.

Lumpiness and areas of uneven fat deposits are possible.

Lumpiness is primarily addressed through post-operative massage of the transferred fat.

Multiple top up procedures are likely to be required to fill in areas in which the fat has failed to vascularize (attain a blood supply).


Fat can be surgically removed from the penis, for example in the case of fat nodule formation, with little to no downtime.

Surgical Fat Removal.

Fee : £6,825 + Anaesthetist

Recovery: 6 weeks.


– % of fat survival after 3 months (30-70%)

– Even distribution of fat (fat surviving in an even rather than patchy profile)

– Hard nodule formation

– Fat firmness (fat is somewhat soft)

May need to repeat the surgery (2-5 times) for an even coverage.


From £4,500 as a single procedure.

From £6,300 with Lengthening Surgery

(Surgical Penile Length by Ligamentolysis and P.R.P enhanced Fat Transfer, with Pure Graft filtration option.

(High rate of fat survival is possible)

The clinic suggests that surgical fat transfer patients first try the non-surgical (outpatient) HA procedure.




Penis Lengthening Surgery


From £3,800

More Information


Increased flaccid penis length.

Penile Lengthening Surgery

The penis appears longer when flaccid as less of the penile shaft retracts into the body after an erection.  The result is less change in length between erect and flaccid.

Note: No increase in erect length is achieved as the shaft length is not increased.

With partial or full severing of the suspensory ligaments, the angle of the penis may change in the erect state (in general – point lower).

Severing the suspensory ligaments may improve the effectiveness of penis extenders.

A penis extender (traction device) must be worn after the procedure for 12 months.  For patients seeking to lengthen the penis in the flaccid state.

This procedure primarily addresses self-consciousness regarding penis size when flaccid in public places (urinals, changing rooms etc).


Recovery in 6 to 8 weeks.


Recovery Time Calendar


Abstain from normal activities including sex.

Hospital admission required.



Ligament reattachment is possible if a penis extender is not used.

A penile extender device must be used.

12 hours per day for 12 months.


Higher Risk (Surgery)

General anaesthetic and hospital visit are required.

Most common complications:

Penile Shortening due to unexpected ligament reattachment.

Visible scarring to the pubic area above the base of the penis (somewhat covered by pubic hair).

Patients may lose some of the ability to lift the penis via the suspensory ligaments when erect.

Penis angle change when erect; depending on the degree of ligament detachment generally the erection angle decreases/lowers.

Penis Lengthening Surgery Top 5 Questions


Penile Lengthening Reversal Procedure.

Enquire using the contact form below for information regarding reattachment of the suspensory ligaments (lengthening procedure reversal).

Recovery: 12 weeks.


Higher satisfaction level from patients who are fully informed of the benefits and risks.

Patients seeking an increase in erect penis length only, are not suitable candidates.


From £3,800 as a single procedure

From £6,300 with Fat Transfer Surgery

(Surgical Penile Length by Ligamentolysis and PRP enhanced Fat Transfer, with Pure Graft filtration option).

(Higher rate of fat survival may be possible with P.R.P.)

Non-surgical Penis Enlargement

“The Androfill Procedure”

“The ideal technique for penis enlargement should be nonsurgical, with a satisfactory and predictable result, a low rate of complications, and long-term stability. Emicircumferential enlargement with HA filler meets these requirements.”  Sito G, Marlino S, Santorelli A.

“Penile augmentation through traditional surgery is now largely obsolete, due to improvements in dermal filler characteristics and injection technique.”

Penile Lengthening Surgery : The Facts

NHS : Surgery to Increase Penis Length “35% of men who had the operation were happy with the results.”

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